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Saturday, July 11, 2015

The False Road

God originally created the Soul in its own nature: perfect purity, perfect calm, perfect silence. It is a vitrtual well spring gushing from the very veins of the Heavenly Father Himself. This is what allows mankind to commune with the divine. We hunger for it. But we often go astray.

This Soul can never be physically injured, never marred…but it can be defiled. Yet all things added to it do for a time trouble it; and this is sorrow. Sorrow accrued can eclipse the loving rays of God and lead to bitterness, deception, and depression. This yoke is much too heavy for man to bear.

For many a year, man in his quest for self-fulfillment has traveled a False road. To quench his thirst, man has poured salt in ever increasing quantities into the water of life; to cover the dung heaps of his imagination, he has raised mountains of distraction wherein wild deadly beasts prowl. To cure his itch, he has flayed his own skin; to exorcise his mental demons, he has evoked the devil.  Seeking false phantoms inadvertently invokes narcissism, which may indeed elaborate complexities; are not these the very symptoms of the disease? We need a physician…But who is qualified?

Traversing the false road will always lead us into the wildernesses and deserts of disenchantment. But there is good news: God is there! Even if you pitch your tent 10 yards from hell, God is there. Take comfort in knowing the divine physician Jesus Christ is waiting to unhitch your burdensome yoke and set you on the True Road.

*Have you ever found yourself on a false road? 
*How did you know?
*Are you currently bearing any heavy yokes?
*Have you ever thought that your tent was pitched near hell?