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Schism Sundays

We are inaugurating a new weekly post. Every Sunday we will feature Schism Sunday. What is Schism Sunday? I'm glad you asked. We will be featuring a controversial topic every Sunday happening in our country, community, Christendom, or world. We will specifically be picking topics that main stream Christianity hasn't provided answers to or divides Christians. Our goal is to have an open civil discussion on how we, as Christians, (or nonChristians who like to engage in debate) use our faith to shape our opinions. We are hoping to stay away from some of the hyped up debates you see all over the internet (Rob Bell, anyone?) and bring to the surface other discussions that affect and touch us. So all you creepers out there, be prepared to devirginize your commenters status and engage with us and our loyal commenters in some good old fashioned debate and discussion. Disagreement is not a bad word, we can still love and respect each (and please do be respectful) and still not see eye to eye. Click the link below to post your comments!

Schism Sunday XVIII: Cute Desperation

Schism Sunday XVII: Accountability in the Church

Schism Sunday XVI: The Art of Memorializing Tragedy

Schism Sunday XV: Freak Flags

Schism Sunday XIV: Relationships

Schism Sunday XIII: Politicians & Stalkers

Schism Sunday XII: The Golden Years

Schism Sunday Vol. XI: Is a Sin a Sin?

Schism Sunday Vol X: Did Adam and Eve Start the Fire?

Sunday Schism Vol IX: Can you lose your Salvation? Are you going to Heaven? Probably not.

Schism Sunday Vol VIII: The Gay Agenda and The Church

Schism Sunday Vol. VII: American Identity---> Who are We? Who are You?

Schism Sunday Vol VI Animal Rights

Schism Sunday Vol V: Government and Your Diet

Schism Sunday Vol IV: Mothers Day

Schism Sunday Vol. III: The Death Penalty

Schism Sunday Vol. II: Jesus and Politics

Schism Sunday: Civil Disobedience