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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Criticism -My Judgment- My Fault

It is hard to admit that the average Christian is one of the most penetratingly critical individuals there is on the face of the earth; oftentimes there is nothing in me that resembles Jesus Christ. I must confess that I’m often guilty when it comes to being critical of others. Over the past couple weeks the Lord has shown me that having critical disposition is in stark contrast to His teachings. I have found that when I’m being critical of others…it is impossible for me to enter into communion with the Lord. The truth of the matter is: when I criticize another person, I have basically put myself above the person I’m criticizing. In this self elevation of ego, I have separated myself from another human being and made myself superior to him or her. I should never in any way take this position with another person, for it grieves the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Relational Regression

John 6:66,67 (Amplified Bible)
66 After this, many of His disciples drew back (returned to their old associations) and no longer accompanied Him.
67 Jesus said to the Twelve, Will you also go away? [And do you too desire to leave Me?]

Oh, the pain and abandonment Jesus must have felt! When it comes to relationships- I think we can all 'relate'... 

Are there certain relationships in your life that are so far from where you would like them to be that it often brings you to tears? When you contemplate these relationships do you wonder whether your friends and/or family ever think about you? Or if they even care at all? Yeah, me too.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Our Redeeming Judgment

Adherents of the Prosperity Gospel?
If you’re reading this blog and you’re not a 3-foldcord virgin, then I’m guessing you already know that Bible allows us to judge the actions of our brothers and sisters in Christ. You understand that it is allowed to correct poor doctrine and speak to someone about his or her sin. But where does that judgment stop? Where does Christian exhortation go beyond the limits of “Judge not, lest ye be judged”? I think it perhaps goes beyond the scope of Christian love and the need to stand up for abusive behavior and correct bad doctrine when we decide that our doctrinal disagreements are a barometer of salvation. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Real Elephant in the Room

The Outcome of ER2
I was going to write a detailed post concerning the recent Elephant Room-2 (ER2) conference and subsequent fallout- which mainly revolved around the admittance of T.D Jakes and his Modalist doctrine (as well as his Prosperity dog-n-pony show). There were also those who refused to participate, and individuals that were denied admittance and threatened with arrest. The “Race-Card” also seemed to play a prominent role in the event too. All in all ER2 seems to have devolved into a doctrinal circle-jerk and bromance of the lowest common denominator. It also appears that the ER2 desired to benefit from some of that Prosperity Doctrine $$$ too.