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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Real Elephant in the Room

The Outcome of ER2
I was going to write a detailed post concerning the recent Elephant Room-2 (ER2) conference and subsequent fallout- which mainly revolved around the admittance of T.D Jakes and his Modalist doctrine (as well as his Prosperity dog-n-pony show). There were also those who refused to participate, and individuals that were denied admittance and threatened with arrest. The “Race-Card” also seemed to play a prominent role in the event too. All in all ER2 seems to have devolved into a doctrinal circle-jerk and bromance of the lowest common denominator. It also appears that the ER2 desired to benefit from some of that Prosperity Doctrine $$$ too.

My response to all this controversy is "WTF!?" Is this the best we can accomplish?

The problem as I see it is these so called “Church leaders” are so out of touch with Christianity and humanity that I would love to have their DNA examined to see if they are actually of human origin (I mean Mark Driscoll does bear a striking resemblance to Shrek, and TD Jakes looks exactly like Marsellus Wallace of Pulp Fiction).

The sad reality is: these mega-star church leaders are actually nothing more than religious politicians with a bible clutch.

In these times when Christianity is in crisis, and the church puts edifices above humanity, I think we need to start starving this beast. Quit attending their mega-churches and filling their coffers, quit buying their books, CD‘s and DVD‘s...they have nothing to offer you! Study the scriptures, feed the poor, visit the widows, invite a homeless person into your house…these are the things that please God!

In Closing:

They say an elephant defecates 30+ times a day with an output weight that can exceed 300lbs…I suggest Elephant in the Room 2, and any subsequent events of this ilk, be thrown on top of the pachyderm dung heap.

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