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Friday, October 2, 2015

False Dilemmas

I have seen a lot of proselytizing lately, mostly by the conservative religious right, stating things like: “Veterans should come before migrants!” or “Veterans needs should come before illegals!” As a United States citizen you would be hard-pressed to disagree; and if you did, you more than likely will be labeled a liberal kook, or worse yet, an ISIS sympathizer. While this propaganda machine steamrolls along, and so many angry individuals hitching their patriotic wagons to it, I wonder if they have ever considered that this just might be a political trick bag?

False Dichotomy/Trilemma

We Americans really do pride ourselves on our black and white thinking when it comes to issues such as these. In this case it must be as simple making a choice between Veterans or Immigrants; or Veterans or Illegals? Or if you want throw them all together and have a nice false trilemma we could say that we have to choose between Veterans, Immigrants or Illegals? Please tell me that we have risen above these either or/s scenarios? 

A Hard Truth

Having worked with a great number of homeless Veterans, in both a professional and a volunteer capacity over the last two decades, I will let you in on a little known secret: Not all homeless Veterans want help (especially from the government). I spoke with hundreds of Vets who basically told me that the wars our government sent them to broke them- and they really don’t want anything more from it! Others told me that being homeless was their last bastion of freedom. They understood that they were not capable of entering the workforce, nor did they have any desire to. Also, many of these veterans associated getting help with a loss of individual freedom; they feared being forced to take medication and being reduced to a simple diagnosis or a number. Funny how a lot of vets felt reduced to being a serial number, or a mere “Government Issue”, during times of war. 

The Christian Dilemma

In closing, I wish to speak to those who identify as a Christian…and by Christian I mean “follower of Jesus Christ”- as opposed to those who pray at the altar of Nationalism or use the phrase “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” on a daily basis. To the followers of Christ I would just ask that we take some time and consider the hurting, whether they be foreign or domestic, and try to see them through the eyes of Jesus Christ. The wonderful thing about Jesus is that HIS power and grace has no boarders! HE is also able to produce supernatural surplus where there are extreme deficits; and HIS perfect love is able to cast out all fear. Have you met HIM lately?  

So what are your thoughts? And be brutally honest.