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Friday, October 14, 2011

Who's Your Enemy?

We  have all heard the lame-ass phrase/excuse “the devil made me do it.” Even the most die hard proponents of the devil’s shenanigans would agree that this excuse is about as relevant today as parachute pants, poodle skirts,  and the once popular pet rock. That being said, is that the end of this flaccid rationalization…or has the necessity of a newer inventive whitewash put old El Diablo back in the catbird seat?

If you peruse enough Christian blogs you will see that a multitude of Christians are being attacked, hoodwinked, and led astray by the “Enemy”. They say things like: “The Enemy is attacking my marriage; the Enemy is attacking my finances; the Enemy is attacking my health; the Enemy is tempting me with erotic Asian Porn, the Enemy, the Enemy, the Enemy, etc.” So who is this wily enemy? Dare I say in my best Church lady voice- “Could it be...SATAN?”

So are we Christians giving the devil/Satan too much power and credit for our problems…or has Satan always been a tremendous busybody and multitasker hell-bent  on ruining the lives of Christians?

So Who is your Enemy?

A worthy adversary indeed!

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