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Monday, October 3, 2011

*The Rapture: What are you waiting for?

"Fab Five Freddie told me everybody's fly"...Now Let's fly to the clouds!

We all know that the Christian term  “The Rapture” is nowhere to be found in the Bible, but that does not stop christian authors from writing countless numbers of sensationalized books based on the subject; not to mention, it provides endless fodder for fear based Sunday sermons. As for me, “Rapture” will always be that wild 80’s song by Blondie.

Now rather than get into a pissing contest over whether or not “The Rapture” is going to happen, I would like to address the psychology behind the theology. I also want to ask the simple question: has perpetuating the belief in “the Rapture” helped, or hindered modern day Christianity?

I like my Glass House

I have met many Christians that hold on to the Rapture belief like a security blanket. The mantra “we are not of this world” has caused many Christians to  lead lives of quiet separation from both society and reality. These Christians are in a perpetual state of cryostasis- which means they are basically useless when it comes to the things of both God and man. I have heard that this condition might be reversible…but the verdict is still out.

But I don’t want to Die!

I believe that the fear of death also perpetuates the importance of the Christian/church rapture event. I mean who wouldn’t love the possibility of escaping the scythe of the worldly grim reaper and fly up into the clouds like a human helium filled balloon? Sounds fun to me! To hell with you death…I’ve got an ace in the hole.

Keep busy…the Boss is coming!

If you’re one of those employees whose work ethic improves when you know the boss is coming, then “the Rapture” might just be the motivation you need. Those of us who have worked for state/government agencies know the importance of this type of motivation. So get busy and work until you hear the horn blow!

So what are your views on, or about, “The Rapture”?
What is your favorite Blondie song?

*Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect a preterist view point

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