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Friday, October 21, 2011

My God is not your god!

If you ever have the opportunity to engage in an intense debate over Twitter, I would highly recommend it! It’s even more interesting if you happen to have a couple thousand followers and they are only seeing snippets of the entire conversation. Case in point: I was recently in a one sided debate with some knucklehead who claimed to be an Atheist. Now this dolt was an insult to Atheists because his definition of debate was basically calling me names like “fu*k face, cock-sucker, and  dickballs” (I must confess I actually liked the last one!)

Now I made every effort to find some common ground by offering to discuss the books/writings/theories of  Dawkins, Hitchens, Hawking, and many others, but he obviously preferred bongs to books- thus ensuring that the conversation would never evolve out of the primordial ooze of insults and ad hominem attacks. And just as I was about to disengage from his nonsense he made the following comment: “Evolution and String theory are boring. I like debating which god is real. I'm leaning towards Allah. Your thoughts?” Of course this was a diversionary tactic, but I went with it and replied: “Sure..Allah is real. Allah is the same God as in the Old Testament...but of course you knew that.” After making that comment all hell broke loose! For I got hit with probably 40 replies, from 40 different people telling me “Allah is not the same Father God that is mentioned in the Old Testament”. Of course I argued that Islam does acknowledge the same patriarchs that Judaism does i.e.,   Adam, ... (Abraham), Musa (Moses), Daoud (David), Sulayman (Solomon). Apparently my substitution theory did not appease the masses.

So I throw this question out to you: Is the Father God of Islam the same Father God as Judaism and Christianity?

God forbid if there should be any common ground.

Have a blessed day everyone- and beware of evil women smelling of port wine!

I have heard the Crusades were a product of brand loyalty...

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