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Monday, January 14, 2013

Wasted Time, Wasted Grace

Languid conjecture brings on the desires of a new year. My thoughts are a bit jumbled and scattered so I hope you can bear with me while I try to mold them into some semblance of organization.

God, Grace, and Time

 I have been thinking a great deal about the above lately and I must say that I’m feeling a mixture of awe and grief. I’m literally in awe that God has let us go on this long, this badly. This shows the Lord’s infinite capacity for both patience and mercy.  Often when I should be kneeling before God, thanking Him, I deride his kindness by being impatient with both Him and the world! Recently I get so angry over trivial matters e.g., incompetent coworkers, ineptness of government officials, greed, gun-rights, the jerk behind me at the supermarket coughing on the back of my neck, and my chronically itching butt (which leads me to believe I have worms)- but I digress. My point is, while I spend all this time fretting, lamenting, and scratching away at these matters- I barely bat an eyelash at all the time and life I’m squandering!

 "The horror ... the horror 

The reality is: I’m running out of days. As the morning sun glistens off the cover of my Bible I feel the weight of grief that comes from my own excuses and devices. I don’t fear that I have wasted God’s infinite Grace, but rather, it’s been wasted on me. But with a new year brings new opportunity…And I’m coming for you! I’m coming for the lost; I’m coming for the missed opportunities; I’m coming into the full presence of God!

 Pray for me and my family; and let us pray for you. I love you all!

Is there anything in your life that’s wasting time and God’s Grace?