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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

God the Drunk Uncle (Part 1)

Is that you God?
2 Timothy 3:5:
Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

I wonder if Christians are often afraid of making God look like an incompetent pussy? I say this because we always seem to be making excuses for God when it comes to tragedies and other matters of human drama. The God of Christianity has become like the drunk uncle who lives in the back room of Grandma's house.
He makes appearances during holidays, weddings, and funerals; we are often polite and give him lip-service, but we all know that he is about as helpful and functional as a barbwire canoe. Now if anyone dare talk bad about him, we will defend him tooth-n-nail, which usually involves making excuses, blame shifting, and other platitudes. However, deep down inside, we kind of understand why people would talk negatively about him and avoid him at all costs. But when it comes to family- loyalty is of the utmost importance.

So whether uncle crashes into the neighbor's house with grandma's car or craps his pants in public, we always have his back (sometimes way back). I'm mean can we truly understand the depth and complexity of his problems and totally comprehend what this troubled madman is thinking? Hell no! We will, however, sing his praises when he doesn't ruin Christmas by trying to burn the house down...or by caroling outside in the nude singing his own X-rated version of " O Come all ye faithful".

If we were to be honest with ourselves, we are much happier when uncle is sleeping and not meddling in our lives. We like to visit him on our terms and we would actually prefer that he never come up in conversation. Yes, he is family...but not intimate family.

To the secular world this is what God and Christianity look like today. God to them is basically a self serving, malevolent drunk uncle! And the reality is: they probably already have enough dysfunctional relatives; they don't need an invisible one!

If this is the impotent God we are portraying, why would anyone want to serve such a useless dolt?

Time for a paradigm shift

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