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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

God the Drunk Uncle (Part 2)

Because behind Every Drunk Uncle- there is one
In a dysfunctional family the mantra is often: "there is no problem here". Dysfunction is the culmination of secrets, lies, and hidden fears. These secrets, lies, and fears then manifest into a distorted view of reality, one which we are forced to live and defend. 

Our gluttonous drunk Uncle hides behind dysfunctional walls, and houses made with human hands. And within these houses the family members reside. The family is convinced that Uncle would be best served if he remains behind these walls and locked doors to be cared for, and watched over by his relatives. If you happen to visit, you will not see this Uncle that you have heard so much about. For even though this Uncle was once a wonderful sight to behold, he is now just a  mere shell of his former greatness. The family still tells stories about all the great things he has done in the past, and they have faith that Uncle will return to his former greatness, but for now we must rest on Uncle's laurels.
The sad thing is-these houses and beliefs have now become a prison. A prison in which we are both the guard and the inmate. Pride, ego, and tradition will not allow us to extricate ourselves from ourselves. Not to mention we must also continue to hide and defend our sadistic, tyrannical, drunk Uncle who wails and moans within its confines. The truth is: we don't keep him locked up because we fear what he will do...we keep him locked up because we fear what he will not do! For promises have been made; and in the end, we are the defenders of the family name! 

Who is really to blame? 

This isn't over yet....

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