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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scourging the Money Changers

Scandalous and shameful!
The nefarious peddlers of the prosperity gospel are nothing new in the land of Christendom, and while most well grounded Christians smell the badger reek of these scoundrels a mile away- there are those who, out of ignorance and desperation, fall prey to this new breed of money changer. These purveyors of the “give to get” gospel are liken to a ministry wishing well, except they are really not interested in your pocket change, and they are not very pretty to look at!

Prophetic my ARSE!
About a month and a half ago I wrote in a blog that I was anxiously awaiting my green prosperity handkerchief from Don Stewart ministries. Many probably thought this was a joke…but I wasn’t joking. Not only did I request one prayer handkerchief, I requested two. The reason being is I wanted to see if all the requests were just mass produced, or were they tailored to the individual in need. Well, as you might have guessed, they are all massed produced and exactly the same right down to their “Prophetic Word From God” (picture shown right)
I must confess that the idea of this guy calling himself a prophet and rattling the biblical saber to serve his own selfish ends pisses me off! There is a dark part of me that wishes that Don Stewart develops such a bad case of bleeding hemorrhoids that he has to use his Green Prosperity handkerchiefs as sanitary napkins for the rest of his life. However, after inspecting the quality and absorbency of the prayer handkerchief, Don might want to forgo his light colored trousers from now on.

If ministries like Don Stewart’s are so convinced that their give to get gospel works, then why don’t they reverse the process? Meaning, that people like Don should actually send money to the people that need it; then in return, God will reward them with a financial windfall for helping the needy. This actually makes more sense than fleecing the poor and desperate out of what little money they have. I say give it a try Don you might actually restore some integrity to your so called ministry! Dare to Dream!

So I’m sending Don Stewart his self addressed envelope back complete with a message…what would you like that message to read? Also, if your message is chosen you will receive one of Don’s Handkerchiefs from me that contains the actual sweat I exuded while composing this blog. (Handkerchief pictured below…Cat not included)

Our cat sporting the stylish "Prayer Handkerchief"(she was not impressed or blessed!)

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