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Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Will Refund Your Misery

The Christian school I attended in my teenage years really loved the Fire and Brimstone Sermons. Most of these pulpit messages were poorly recycled versions of Jonathan Edwards sermon, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God; and while these pulpit rants were pretty effective at getting guilt ridden teens to give up Rock and Roll music for a week or two, in the end, it just made us despise God, and the hypocrisy of “God’s servants.” That being said I now understand why people are extremely reluctant to become Christians. The God I was taught to believe growing up appeared to be vengeful, uncaring, and most of all, had nothing in common with me. I was a 14 year old kid with braces and acne; the last thing I needed to believe was that God hated me too! Of course, this was not the truth, but perception can be the harshest of all realities…especially to an insecure adolescent. I know this type of fallout was not mine alone to bear; for, to this day, I have friends that really do not want anything to do with God or the church, and understandably so.

I had written in a previous blog that “The plague of the Pharisees, in olden times, was that they embraced a doctrine that was devoid of love.” This was the problem with the school I attended, as well. Now they may have been well-meaning, and striving to be doctrinally correct, but at the end of the day, they did nothing more than place emotional landmines that left a great many of us spiritually crippled.

After coming into contact with the true power and love, that can found in Jesus Christ, I have, through Him, been able to let these little things go by the wayside. I now understand that they were doing the best they could under their poor leadership, learning, and circumstances. I have learned that I’m responsible for the spiritual choices I make, and I cannot blame others just because they claim to be employed by God.

My next blog will be focusing on showing the power and strength of the Lord Jesus Christ. I will Biblically show how we can be victorious over the trials and circumstances of life. If we draw nigh to God, He will draw nigh to us! If your life is not forever changed, I will personally refund your misery.


  1. “The plague of the Pharisees, in olden times, was that they embraced a doctrine that was devoid of love.”
    -- I think the fact that the Pharisees thought they had all the knowledge and understanding they needed was the biggest problem. Even though they studied the scriptures diligently they were the ones who didn't recognize the fulfillment of the O.T. prophecies - Jesus - and therefore they, and those 'belonging' to them, could not receive life. (Jn 5:39-40)
    Those who think they understand everything do not like to accept that maybe they do not... Unfortunately I think too many "positions of authority" in the church have been filled by these types of people, and we end up being subject to man's thoughts and ideas, rather than God's truth - just like those who followed the Pharisees at the time of the first coming.
    Sorry for the long comment. I enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Thank you for your response! You are absolutely correct in saying that the church leadership is full of these types of people. My wife and I have ran into them firsthand on several occasions. Thank you again for your comment.

    P.S., We also prefer long comments:->


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