Saturday, July 11, 2015

The False Road

God originally created the Soul in its own nature: perfect purity, perfect calm, perfect silence. It is a vitrtual well spring gushing from the very veins of the Heavenly Father Himself. This is what allows mankind to commune with the divine. We hunger for it. But we often go astray.

This Soul can never be physically injured, never marred…but it can be defiled. Yet all things added to it do for a time trouble it; and this is sorrow. Sorrow accrued can eclipse the loving rays of God and lead to bitterness, deception, and depression. This yoke is much too heavy for man to bear.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My Own Internal Riots

I keep telling myself to write this blog. I’m supposed to write this blog, this big brave blog that holds me accountable for my own bullshit.  But whenever I get serious about such accountability, I want to wallow in my own bullshit, I want to roll around in it and make friends with my own bullshit. Instead of writing this inspirational post where I call myself out, I just want to write bad poetry that resembles bad 90s alternative songs.  It would go something like this: You don’t know what it’s like. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE.  Or something sappy, yet smooth like, “I will not be idled with despair….”  And yet.

 Self awareness is hard; it’s much easier to just wallow.  I will try my best.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Toxic Lies

There seems to be a growing trend these days to give up on people. To throw in the towel on our personal relationships and justify it by calling other people toxic. Everywhere I look on social media, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, memes are posted describing the need to walk away from toxic people. The memes state that you either need to walk away or let them go. 

But what exactly is the meaning of toxic? How are these people toxic? 

Do we not live in a fallen world? 
Are we not called to love the broken sinner?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spare Me Your Reasons

I hate the phrase, "Everything happens for a reason."  Somehow this overused phrase makes people feel better about the fact that life is hard. But if you really stopped to think about what it implies, it should make you feel even shittier than you already did. If everything happens for a reason, if every horrible thing is divinely ordained so that some good thing can happen, doesn’t that mean the God we serve is a giant asshole in the sky just messing with your life?  Can God make beauty from the ashes? Absolutely. Can He speak to us in our valleys of despair? Often times He does. Can Christ bring us peace beyond our pain and understating? Yes.  But that does not mean that the trials we go through are purposed to bring us beauty, truth, and peace.  God is almighty and can bring us out of bad times in the most wonderful ways, but it does not mean the bad times had to be ordained to receive the good.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Symbolism over Substance:
Playing with our toys…making a lot of noise!

Thank God for their selflessness *cough*
On September 11th the motorcycle “patriots” descended on Washington DC to defend the United States against the “evil” army of Islam and preserve the legacy of Patriotism and Nationalism. Since then, every time I hear those bone chilling un-muffled roars that drown out all sound and conversation within my head (and my house) I just can’t help but say: “thank you…Thank you loud pretentious, patriotic motorcycle people!”

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Sickness unto Faith (Part II)

Psst- I need to ask you a quick question: Would you let a homeless person stay at your house? Why, or why not? And if you would be so kind, please comment and share your reason/s below before reading any further.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Sickness unto Faith (Part 1)

and your lack of action!
As well as your lack of action!

Faith is Action….Are you acting in Faith?

I was out of town on business awhile back and I stopped at a McDonald's for lunch. It was a chilly rainy day- the kind of day that makes a person want to stay in bed for the duration. While looking around and trying to choke down my lukewarm, sub-par "Filet of Fish” sandwich, I saw a man walk through the door.  By the looks of him he obviously had spent a great deal of time outside in the elements. He also had the countenance of a man who is being put through the winepress. The man sat down at a booth adjacent to my table and just put his head in his hands. I could almost feel the pain this man was dealing with. I prayed at that moment that I or someone else could help relieve his suffering. Almost instantly a man sat down at the booth across from me and directly behind the suffering man. In the time it takes for a carnivore to take two bites of an artery clogging Big Mac, the suffering man took his head out of his hands; tears flowed down his cheeks and you could tell that he was visibly embarrassed. The man seated behind the distraught man took notice and said: “How are you doing Jerry?” They obviously knew each other. Jerry said: “I’m OK, but I've been better”.  The man in the booth said: “I have not seen you in church lately.” Jerry responded by saying- “I recently lost my wife to cancer, and I've been going through a rough patch.” Booth-man says: “I’m so sorry for your loss!” Jerry then tells him that in the past 9 months he has also lost his job, his home and is currently sleeping in public parks. Booth-man, being very uncomfortable with all Jerry's negative talk, changes the subject to local sports and weather. After about 5 minutes of this idle banter, Booth-man somehow summons the godly-courage to address Jerry's original problems. He said:“Jerry I will pray for you…and really, I hope things get better for ya. Good luck buddy!” Booth-man then gets up, dumps his half eaten Big Mac in the garbage, puts on his raincoat, and exits the establishment- leaving Jerry in exactly the same state he was before. At this point, I was absolutely mortified! What a missed opportunity! This is the problem with so-called Christians: they have this misplaced conception that “prayer” is some sort of spiritual currency; they believe that prayer replaces action.

They are wrong!