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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Symbolism over Substance:
Playing with our toys…making a lot of noise!

Thank God for their selflessness *cough*
On September 11th the motorcycle “patriots” descended on Washington DC to defend the United States against the “evil” army of Islam and preserve the legacy of Patriotism and Nationalism. Since then, every time I hear those bone chilling un-muffled roars that drown out all sound and conversation within my head (and my house) I just can’t help but say: “thank you…Thank you loud pretentious, patriotic motorcycle people!”

Honk Honk! 

Fast forward to October 11- we have the OTR Truckers driving to Washington DC to clog shit up and make a general nuisance of themselves. This in order to show the American people’s disapproval of the government shut down and their colossal quagmire of incompetence. Wow, this is just amazing! What conviction…What a concept: a couple million smoke belching, gas guzzling trucks driving around for three days backing up traffic, honking those bad ass air-horns and sporting the latest fashion of mechanized civil disobedience. How cool is that!?!

I’m curious (and maybe you can help me out?) how does noise, pollution/exhaust, and the waste of time and resources equate to some great earth moving cause worthy of our admiration? I suggest that all these would-be purveyors of patriotism just stay home and donate the money they are wasting to some worthy cause that will actually help someone else- and God forbid- accomplish something! How are they causing a disruption to the government? The bastards are not even working! 

You have heard from me...Now it’s your turn…

So what do you think: Are these causes worthy, or are they just acts of grandstanding masquerading as patriotism and civil disobedience? 

What does it really look like?