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Friday, December 30, 2011

Obsession and Vicarious Worship

My last blog was mainly aimed at Christians and asked the question: “Are you just preaching to the converted?” The post was about building relationships and opening discussions and dialog with non-believers. Not just for the purpose of proselytizing, but to build inroads of both respect and tolerance. That being said, I decided to address the same question with the Atheists/non-theists.

I’m always amazed at what extraordinary lengths Atheists and other God-haters go to offend and denigrate Christians and other Theists. In their efforts to mock God and Jesus Christ, they have shown their hand as well as the condition of their soul. I have asked a number of them: “why do you bother wasting time and effort throwing vitriol and verbal stones at deities you don’t believe in?” They usually respond with something like: “we are just making up for years of religious oppression”. Or, “we are just trying to educate and free the minds of those who are indoctrinated”. Some Atheists also feel that the “religious rightwing” is forcing God and morality down their throats via legislation. While this is all fine, noble, and good…I often wonder how their blatant blasphemy and sacrilege are accomplishing their goals? I personally suspect, like Christians, Atheists are just "preaching to the converted."

Or is there something more?

In my experience, I have found that those individuals who spend a considerable amount of time trying to disprove God, really fear that there is a God. Atheists who head down this road often end up participating in a strange, obsessive form of vicarious God worship. While they attempt to disprove the existence of God, their mind and actions, (whether they want to admit it or not) are on God. These individuals often end up depressed, angry, and ultimately disillusioned. Sadly, in their quest to abolish God, they discover there will never be enough proof to substantiate their actions…or their non-belief.

Perhaps, like nature, Human-Spirituality abhors a vacuum?

What do you think?

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