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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inglorious Pastors: Men of God…or Demigods?

Today is the age of rock star pastors fist-pumping out Jesus-jukebox sermons for sellout crowds. These same pastors churn out so many books that it’s a wonder how they have time to bed their wives and procreate. Of course there is a such thing as ghost writers but in regards to procreating, out of decency, I chose not to go down cuckolded road.

The last church we attended the pastor sported expensive Italian loafers and often looked like he should be freelance modeling for a 50+ version of Gentleman’s Quarterly. Now I have nothing against looking sharp, but  JoS. A Bank is good enough for a town and congregation of this size. He once bragged that God was so good to him that one of his shoes could pay for a year of college tuition. Douche bag.

Conversely, there are those new-age hipster pastors that wear thrift-store clothing, or if they are really in touch with the creator, they make their own clothing out of hemp and old couch covers. These guys seem a bit more tolerable unless they have chosen to forgo commercial soap, and deodorant. Despite their aversion to capitalism and commercialization, make not mistake about it- they are selling something!

I realize that pastors and ministers are due some reverence for their dedication to God and their online degrees. But when is the line between “Man of God” and “Demigod” crossed?  Are we serving the true Shepard, or are we fawning at the ill-cut trousers of man?

What say you?

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