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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do you have a Problem...Or is your problem Sin?

There are times when Christians are liken to Buddhist monks, in that they are afraid to scratch their heads least they should incommode their vermin. Now the vermin of which I’m referring here is: Sin! Addressing Sin is about as enjoyable as getting Roofied,- then waking up in a dark smelly alley just in time to feel the blunt force trauma of a well executed donkey punch.  Yeah, writing about sin sucks almost that much.

Have you noticed that most Christians have stopped calling sin, sin? Instead they are calling it “their problem.” “Well, you see I have this problem that’s really just more than I can handle and I know God understands.” My friends, God forgives sin but HE does not condone it. So I guess the question is: “do you have sin…or do you have a problem?”

That's Him!
Spring and summer not only bring about a change of seasons and temperature, they also bring about lawn care duties. That being said, it never fails that while I’m mowing the lawn I inevitably (at least 2x per year) step in a large, semi-liquid pile of dog crap. The dog feces of which I speak is of such a hearty consistency that it literally scoffs at water, as well as the vigorous  attempts to rub it off in the grass via a dance I affectionately call: “The Electric-sh*t-Slide.” Despite encore performances and torrents of water, my infected shoe is usually forced into a life of monasticism under the deck. Sometimes I include the non-shat-shoe so the sequestered kick is not so lonely.


I can’t stop watching pornography! I don’t want to read the Bible! I don’t have any desire to pray! I steal things because its owed to me! I don’t feel like honoring my wife! I’m jealous of what I don’t have! I hate my brother! I hate my sister! I talk crap about my pastor! I poisoned my neighbors dog because it craps in my yard (and I stepped in it!) I disrespect my parents! I love to cause Strife and Discord! I refuse to do what God has called me to do! Ect, etc,…..

So what do you think? I welcome your thoughts and/or comments.

Also if you have any suggestions for getting dog-crap off shoes that would be greatly appreciated too.

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