Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mental Illness or Modern Idolatry?

I have created my own prison.
 Whether it’s A&E, TLC, or the Discovery channel, you have probably watched at least one of the following reality train wrecks. These shows  give TV viewers an up close and personal look at the lowest common denominator of the human experience.

Perhaps I haven't taken out the trash in a couple weeks?
 In the show Hoarders you might get to see some perfectly able bodied man living in a prison of is own filth and excrement; or some lady that cannot seem to part with even one of her thousands of McDonald s cups because she has some delusional  idea that she will eventually  fashion these cups into make-shift shelters for the homeless.

I can't help it...It taste like chicken to me!

In the show My Strange Addictions you will see some twenty five year old woman who can’t seem to part with her old, funky-smelling baby blanket; or some guy who can’t imagine a world where he cannot eat glass (which may, or may not be the worst of his problems?)

I'm going on a (young) Man-Hunt
In the show Strange Sex you will have the privilege of watching some goof-ball named Chris, who used to be terrified of balloons, but has found that these latex beauties are now his greatest source of sexual pleasure!?! Or there is Barbara, who is able to "think" herself into orgasm. But is this a real orgasm? Scientists are ready to put it to the test. Wow! How can you not get excited about these two winners? At let’s not forget Cougar grandma who's always on the prowl (Raaawr!)----->

 So my question to our savvy readers is this: Do you feel that these OCD behaviors are legitimate mental health disorders, or are could they possibly just be a modern form of idolatry, and misplaced dependency? Now of course all of these cases are not black and white, but we would love to hear all of your ideas, and or experiences about this topic!