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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christians should Rejoice in Election Outcome!

Sorry Joseph, I let ya down!

Immediately after the presidential election my first instinct was to throw up a blog about how the Christian Right is in bed with the Republican party and how fear, materialism, and pseudo-nationalism seem to be the driving force behind the right-wing machine…But I didn't...I waited. I wanted to see how and where everything landed once the dust settled and buttholes ceased to pucker. That being said- I’m still waiting.

I have many Christian friends, whom I love dearly, that are still plugging up Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media orifice with the dry diseased ridden shaft of hate and negativity.  On the surface I could chalk it up to the unpleasant taste of sour grapes after a defeat; go a level deeper I might surmise that many Christians place politics and Nationalism over or equal to God, or have some schizophrenic mentality that they are all one in the same.  I have read many statuses and Tweets that read: “Our side lost…but we still have hope/God is in control!” To that I say “poppycock!”…and I ask:

What exactly is “our side”?

Now I understand the sterilization of polarization and how an Us versus Them attitude is often worse than a raging STD.  It is for this reason I desperately want to give a well needed shot of penicillin into the already aching loins of Christian Republicans. The good thing about a shot is that the needle-prick is sudden, brief, and quickly forgotten. So without further ado, here it is:

Joseph Smith was a false prophet. He said the Book of Mormon was the “most accurate book ever written.” The book has been revised numerous times.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon

The Mormon god is not your God. Their god was once a man…thus they believe they can become gods.

Mitt Romney is a Mormon

Enough said

So magic underwear and an afterlife of inherited planets/universes aside…you should be rejoicing that Barrack Obama won the election! There are worse things than a liberal Democrat occupying the White house.  Of course I understand there are many who could never fathom the idea that God may not have wanted a cult practitioner to occupy the highest office in the land…but you have to admit- it could be a possibility? 

What do you think?

"Most Accurate Book Ever Written"
Joseph Smith