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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Schism Sunday Vol. III: The Death Penalty

Where do you stand?
There seems to be a pattern with conservative people in that they love their wars and they love the death penalty. Christians are often lumped in with the “conservative” party so I thought the Death Penalty would be an interesting schism to address.

I have met many conservative Christians who embrace the death penalty like a close friend holding a warm leather bound copy of the 1611 Textus Receptus. For these OT Christians, when it comes to "bad people" who commit heinous crimes,  "an eye for an eye" would be the only fitting solution...or should I say absolution.

I’m always curious as to how Christian history would have played out if some of our biblical heroes had been charged for their murderous crimes: Moses, David, and Paul just to name a few. It would be interesting to see what the Bible would look like today if these three men met their ends by capital punishment before God’s work was complete?

So what is your take on the death penalty...Is it something that needs to go, or is it necessary to clear the earth of human dross? Also- if you were to meet your end by capital punishment, by what method of execution would you choose? I personally favor the Old World guillotine or the modern day firing squad.

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